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Learn how to fit with empathy, and sell with confidence 

Coming Fall 2023

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  • Hurray for Lingerie™ is an online course and resource for fitters and lingerie professionals, created by Kimmay Caldwell.
  • Featuring The Fitter’s Formula™ training: Learn how to fit with empathy, and sell with confidence.
  • Live workshops and an online community with collaboration over competition because we are so much better when working together. 

  • Ace the basics of bra fitting AND revolutionize what it means to support your clients.
  • Hands-on experience and in-person clinics to dive deeper into the art of bra fitting and creating a safe space for clients.
  • Serve your customers (inside, outside, and underneath) and create loyal, raving clients.
  • Train a rockstar team while you spend your precious time growing the business. 
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Get To Know Hurray Kimmay

Hurray Kimmay is a leading educational and inspirational site focused on support inside, outside, and underneath. Created by, Kimmay Caldwell, who is an intimates industry expert with over a decade of experience since 2005. Her vast knowledge spans from bra fitting cup sizes AA-N, retail and e-commerce, marketing and content creation, buying and wholesale, and more.

Her multifaceted background in the industry has made her a valuable ally for brands who aim to share their products with an authentic and empowering message, as well as a go-to support for retailers and fellow fitters. Her work includes behind-the-scenes marketing through her marketing company, Hurray Media, writing and non-airbrushed images on her website Hurray Kimmay, and an impressive portfolio of mentions in the media and on TV. You may have seen her on The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, or The Martha Stewart Show to name a few.

In her teachings at the Paris lingerie expo and in her panels with Curve NY, she shares her focus on creating a safe space for clients, and designing bra fittings to be a transformational experience. After years of training fellow fitters, she’s proud to release The Fitters Formula, an inclusive space for fitters (and those in the intimates industry) to collaborate, learn, and train their own staff.

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