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As a success seeker and change-maker in the world, caring for your inner growth is extremely important. Show up as the full YOU! This is your opportunity to uncover your confidence, stand in your power, and learn to love yourself inside, outside, and underneathâ„¢ in an amazing group. Join today starting at just $49!

The Hurray Clubhouse Program

At a time when we are all in our own homes, the Hurray House Method is more relevant than ever before. Learn to be the decision maker of your "house". Feel at peace within yourself, no matter the surroundings.

What's Included in The Hurray Clubhouse?

1 part DIY course, 1 part membership with new monthly content, 1 part community & connection. The Hurray Clubhouse is support and resources to help you stop apologizing for your emotions and who you are, and start loving yourself and living your most fulfilled life. Here's how!

The Hurray House Method™

This step-by-step course will walk you through the process of building your life from the inside, out with these modules: Intention, Foundation, Renovation, and Expansion.

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Monthly Focus

Each month you'll receive new resources around a new theme, complete with an ERC opportunity, self-care practice, and resources for deeper exploration (plus a few surprises like special guests and treats!) Stay on track with your personal growth as we explore the theme together as a community! 

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The ERC Tools & Resources

A favorite part of the Renovation step, this plan helps you Eliminate, Redecorate, and Celebrate on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Learn how to use it AND get access to the ERC Toolshed, a library of amazing practices to support your inner growth (with new practices shared every month!)

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Neighborhood & Community

Join a community of people dedicated to building their lives from the inside, out. Together. Built-in accountability and your voice being seen and heard. Each person's life is different and YOU have to do the work. But you don't have to do it alone. This is DIY (do it yourself) not DIA (do it alone). Join us!

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Self-Care Practices

Self-care is not selfish - and it's not just bubble baths and pedicures. Successful, fulfilled women understand that self-care is nourishment. Access our Self-Care "recipe book" with on demand resources so you can build a consistent self-care routine. Plus LIVE opportunities to gather and practice self-care together. Put your self-care (and yourself) first for once!

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Also includes:

When you sign up you'll get instant access to The Hurray House Methodâ„¢ and our existing vault of resources, plus the NEW theme and resources delivered directly to you every month. We'll walk through each theme together as a community committed to growth!

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Join the Hurray Clubhouse! Take your next big step toward living a life you design. We can't wait to welcome you into the community.

P.S. All are welcome

The Hurray Clubhouse is an inclusive space for all intersections of womanhood. To be clear transgender, cisgendered, and non-binary folks are all welcome! We can’t wait to see you inside.

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A few answers to the most common questions.

Your Hurray Clubhouse membership includes several tools and resources!

  • The Hurray House Method™ course with 4 steps and 21 modules to build your life on a firm foundation. 
  • The ERC Practice to clean up emotional clutter and let go of old beliefs that have been holding you back 
  • Self-Care "Recipe" resources and new monthly group practices to finally put taking care of yourself at the top of your list
  • A supportive community doing the same work alongside you!
  • Create your own "House Rules" and Draft Your Personal Blueprint and vision for your life 


  • NEW! Monthly Focus theme + ERC opportunity and Self-Care recipe
  • LIVE calls and coaching with Kimmay and special guests (with various backgrounds and expertises!) 
  • First dibs and discounts on products, events, and bonus materials
  • BONUS: How to use moon cycles to set intentions 
  • BONUS: The Business Tree Workshop
  • And more!

These tools and encouragement are "what" you get. But truly, you are building a practice and a life filled with your own version of "hurray". Meaning the fulfillment and happiness you've always wanted and the confidence to go get it!

Monthly members can cancel anytime before their next payment is due. You have the decision making power to continue your membership or stop it. If you don't cancel you'll automatically pay monthly and continue your membership. Along with the course, and the past content you'll continue to get access to all the new content and resources that we share every month!

Yearly members who commit to a year pay up front and have a full year's access to everything in The Hurray Clubhouse! 

Read our Terms & Conditions for any questions. 

The Hurray House Method is a 4 step course with 21 exciting modules. Included in your membership is an optional Course Blueprint with a suggested timeline of course work to keep you on track. With just 2-3 hours a week you can move through the work within 17 weeks. But truly the pace is up to you! What we are really building is a sustainable practice of clearing out the emotional clutter and reinforcing your self-love on a regular basis. 

In addition to the course, your Hurray Clubhouse Resources includes a monthly focus with a Clubhouse Kit that includes optional lessons and tools for you to grow in a certain area of life! 

Past Kits, and self-care and inner growth tools are ready for you to use on demand at your own time and pace. Pull up a self-care practice whenever you need it!

We aim for at least two monthly LIVE calls to come together as a community or learn from a guest expert. Hurray! 

The goal of The Hurray Clubhouse work is to provide the tools and structure to do the consistent inner cleaning necessary to live your best life. That ongoing practice can easily be put aside or made a last priority. But it's this work that builds your confidence and self-love! 

We LOVE coaches and therapists in The Clubhouse. And. This work is meant for those who need the basic DIY version, or in compliments to the deeper one-on-one work with a professional. 



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