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New Moon in Cancer June 2020 theme: "Oceans of Mercy"

Keywords for this Circle Journey:

Mercy, Love, Forgiveness, Relationship, Water, Soul, Emotions, Grief & Joy tending

Important notes about this circle:

I am so honored to be a certified Wild Woman Circle Leader. I have been leading this circles nearly every single month (or moon cycle) for well over 5 years. Hurray!

My intention and commitment as a circle leader is that we create a space that is truly inclusive and safe for all women - or womxn - to connect with themselves and with each other. That includes women of all races, ages, faiths, and identities. As a white presenting person myself, I want to be clear: centering white fragility is not supportive of that intention. 

Because of the heaviness and change many of us are feeling in the the USA (and around the world), I anticipate any number of emotions on the spectrum. Emotions are welcome.

As women supporting one another in, we may witness experiences of grief, righteous anger, or rage within ourselves and each other. It's also possible we may witness experiences of shame, guilt, or frustration. We do not shy away from emotions here. We welcome the authentic and heart-centered expressions of women in Circle as part of the process of transformation and growth.

So, if you are unable or not currently equipped to support fellow women having these types of experiences, this Circle may not be the right fit for you. Check in with yourself first, and only join us when and if you are able to witness the authentic expression of the women around you. 

PS: if you are a white woman who is feeling guilt, shame, or frustration about your whiteness, I urge you to seek a space where you can unpack those feelings with other white people who are committed to doing the inner work of unlearning racism. There are amazing resources out there! This Circle is not meant to be a substitute for that. 

As always, Wild Woman Circles are safe and sacred spaces, and we do not tolerate hate speech, discriminatory behavior or language, or any words or actions I recognize as diminishing the worth and sovereignty of another human being. 

If you have any doubts or questions about the safety of this space, or you want to share feedback or suggestions with our team, we always welcome them. You can email me directly at [email protected] 



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