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4 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Aiming for Confidence

Learn the top things to stop doing (and what to do instead) so you can show up in the world, love yourself, and live your purpose without worrying what others will think! 

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Hosted by Kimmay Caldwell, self-love coach and TV regular!

Open your heart and come ready to learn:

  • The top mistakes success seekers make when aiming for confidence
  • Why "faking it 'til you make it" doesn't work and what to do instead 
  • What the "emotions closet" is and why clearing it out is a key to confidence and self-love
  • The difference between "Affirmation" and "Validation" and which one will help you get ahead
  • A sneak peek at The Hurray Clubhouse, The Hurray House Method™, and the ERC Plan 
  • More!

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